Press Operator Dashboard

The Problem

Press operators use an obsolete system for sending print files to press.

Currently, press operators need to scroll a large difficult to read data-table. This table embeds a drop-down field for selecting a printer. A press operator needs to perform this action on every data-table row.

They can filter different category drop-downs. If they focus on specific print specifications, they must highlight a printed data-table webpage.

The Design

Designed as a single page application providing press operators a modern application experience. Limited the user interface interactions to essential press operator needs. “To Do” applications for mobile phones inspired this UX design.

Better search options

Reduce the amount of print ticket data press operators see when making decisions. Press operators use select buttons to toggle between ticket queue groups. Search by print specifications and then save those search queries to use again.

Method for grouping print tickets

The approach to sending print tickets to press uses an e-commerce mental model. Press operators filter ticket queue and select tickets for printing. These print tickets move into a print ticket cart and then grouped by print type. Each print ticket cart group uses a drop-down of printer choices to submit that group for a press.


Information Architecture